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Staff Reports • Feb 23, 2017 at 9:27 AM

Looking to make funeral arrangements for you or your loved ones?
For most people, that is an unpleasant thought.
But planning ahead while you have a clear mind and are not in crisis mode can help you sail through that difficult time when it does come.
Since most people don't have much experience with planning funerals, they are hit with sticker shocker when they visit funeral homes. Not only can funerals be expensive, prices can also vary widely.
Planning before your time of grief will help you make wise decisions under difficult circumstances.
Here are some things to consider when selecting a funeral home.

The first step is to find out if the deceased has made any funeral arrangements and whether these plans need to be changed. Sometimes weather may be an issue or other factors may get in the way of what has already been planned.
If no arrangements were made, ask family and friends to see if the deceased made any specific wishes. If possible, respect those wishes.
If pre-arrangements with a local company exist, then contact that company. Arrangements bought years ago may not cover the cost of the funeral or represent the latest wishes of the deceased. If you are in this situation, look around to see if another funeral home has a better arrangement, or make adjustments as necessary.

To find the right funeral home, ask family, friends and pastors for a recommendation. It is a good way to focus on funeral homes with excellent reputations. You might also consider your own experiences at funeral homes in your city.
If you cannot get referrals, look on the Internet. Select three or four funeral homes that might fit your needs. Visit each one with a close friend or relative.
Budget is a major concern for most people. Inquire about basic fees. Ask about services the funeral home may offer and if payment arrangements can be made. Ask questions and take notes. Staff members should be patient with you.
It is important to get written estimates for everything. Ask about hours for viewing, in-house versus off-site services, cremation services, additional fees and special requests.
The Federal Trade Commission mandates that funeral homes must provide customers with a price list. If you believe the casket prices are too high at one funeral home, you can purchase the casket elsewhere without being subjected to additional charges.
Do not decide on a funeral home right away. Think about it for a bit. The decision should be made with clarity.

After deciding on a funeral home and type of service, documentation is the next step. The funeral director can help you with the required forms and permits. You should have a copy of the death certificates and make the actual burial or cremation arrangements.

When other relatives or friends are involved, it is best to find a funeral home that fits your family's needs. Talk with them honestly and compare notes. Don't allow yourself to be pressured into additional services you don't need or can't afford. Stay within your budget.
Talk to Neuble Monument funeral home and tell them who in the deceased's family is authorized to make decisions. Be very detailed about your expectations and what kind of arrangements you want. Tell them if something is not being done according to your intentions.
Good funeral homes will guide you through the process to ensure that the funeral runs smoothly for everyone. In your time of grief and hardship, pre-planning can give you a small measure of comfort and peace.

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