Way shares tips for career success

Xavier Smith • Jun 21, 2017 at 2:21 PM

Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce members received tips and guidelines for personal career advancement and success Wednesday during its monthly luncheon.

National speaker, author and consultant Jennifer Way, founder of Way Solutions, spoke to the group about career management and controlling their own destinies when it comes to their careers.

“What is really common is this idea that we’re doing our to do’s and checklists, but what doesn’t ever get to the top of the list is our own career management,” said Way, who said her presentation focused on managing career trajectory.

“I want you to think about your commitment to a cup of coffee,” she said. “How much more should you be committed to managing your own career? How many of us can say we do one thing everyday that’s not just for our company or a task on a to-do list, but one thing that fuels our career forward?”

Way said many employees, and even business owners, believe their career path is mainly out of their control.

“No one knows better what you have done, what skills you have, where your interests lie or what your options are than you. No one. You should be the expert in your own career and your own career trajectory. That means you have to take a DIY approach,” she said.

Way presented 10 areas that people should manage at any given time to ensure their career is healthy, or not vulnerable.

The first five areas included quality of work; relationship with leaders; relationship with team; professional presence and communication; and learning and growing.

“Learning things increases your value. Learning things helps your increase your stability and helps you really protect yourself for the changes,” she said.

Other areas included networking; industry contribution and recognition; career champions; recognition and rewards; and career planning.

“Life moves too fast. You can’t possibly plan every single step. What we have to be doing is behaving in ways that are going to fuel your career forward. You can wake up your own career. You can make this happen yourself. Step up and remind yourself that you’re driving your career,” Way said.

Way is also the author of Caffeinate Your Career, which includes tips and tricks for getting the most out of your current job, mitigating office politics, navigating your way through personal challenges and mapping out a clear plan for achieving career-fulfillment. All actions take about as much time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.

To reserve a copy, visit caffeinateyourcareer.com/reserve.

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