Rotary district Governor speaks to Lebanon club

Jacob Smith • Aug 29, 2017 at 5:04 PM

Deborah Alexander-Davis, the district governor of District 6780 Rotary Club International, spoke to the Lebanon Noon Rotary Club on Tuesday.

Alexander-Davis talked about all the ways the club was able to help in the community in the last year.

“I got to see a whole list of things that happened here last year,” said Alexander-Davis. “I can’t even talk about them all.”

The different ways each member of the club can serve was also discussed.

“We all have some varying degree of three different qualities, time, treasure or talent.” said Alexander-Davis. “So if we think about younger people who are just starting out, they may not have a lot of treasure, because they’re just starting out, but if we can appeal to their interests and the things they’re passionate about, then we can appeal to their time and talent to do good for this club and for the community.”

Alexander-Davis also shared need to grow the club through promotion of its projects so more people can get involved and serve the community.

“The whole idea is that you get out there and you do things, and then you let people know that the Lebanon Rotary Club has great meetings, wonderful food, lots of networking for vocations but alsoyou do things,” said Alexander-Davis. “You do important things in the community, and we are not always good about putting our name on those things.”

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