Mobile adventure game planned for Lebanon

Jacob Smith • Sep 21, 2017 at 4:21 PM

Merry Rey started running adventure games in her living room long before she ever saw an official escape game.

“One time, we did Egyptian theme and did like cryptic writings and hieroglyphs, and they had to solve them,” said Rey. “You would never ever see the walls of our house. Nobody ever knew what our house looked like unless they came over for like pool parties or something.”

Given she already had experience in organizing games for fun, it seemed a natural next step to open a similar company herself. That’s when Chain Reaction Mystery Adventure was born in Lebanon.

“People started doing these escape rooms, and it just fit right in line with what we were doing anyways,” said Rey. “So it just morphed into that. Instead of it actually being an escape room, because you’re not trying to escape the room, you’re just trying to solve the mystery or complete your mission, so this one’s called a mystery adventure.”

Rey and her husband recently moved to Lebanon from Southern California and, upon arriving, saw that the local area didn’t have as many escape rooms as they had back home.

“I don’t see a whole lot of entertainment out here,” said Rey. “I mean there’s bowling, and I know there’s mini-golf. I think there’s a need for entertainment out here.”

The Chain Reaction Mystery Adventure room is a themed, air-conditioned room where teams of up to five players have 45 minutes to complete their mission by finding hidden objects and working together to solve puzzles and clues.

According to Rey, it’s great for team-building skills, communication, bonding and enjoying time with co-workers and friends.

The room is totally mobile and available to rent for office parties, birthdays, game nights or any other event.

“There’s people at the bank, there’s like four or five people who want to do it, so they’re going to have me come down after work, and I park in their parking lot,” said Rey. “I just go there about an hour early, so I can get the air conditioning going and everything, and then, when they’re done with work, they can come out and play and then go home.”

Rey also hopes to establish partnerships with local restaurants to add even more to the experience.

“People can just go to play a mystery adventure and then walk over 100 feet and now they’re dining,” said Rey. “So you get like a great date night, family night, whatever all in one.”

The mystery adventure room will officially open Oct. 1 and will be available to rent for parties of up to 15 people. There will be a special grand opening rate offered to those who mention it through Dec. 31. The special rate offers $20 per person.

For more information, visit chainreactionroom.wixsite.com/chainreaction or the Chain Reaction Mystery Adventures page on Facebook. 

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