Pokémon Go still popular in Wilson County

Jake Old • Updated Jul 22, 2016 at 9:45 AM

The Pokémon Go phenomenon has yet to go away. The mobile game, developed by Niantic and Nintendo, features augmented reality and GPS working in tandem to make Pokémon seem to appear in the real world.

According to Cat Creamer, store manager at GameStop in Lebanon, there has been an increase of traffic in people who play Pokémon Go.

“We actually have people come in every day with the game open on their phone, and we talk about it all the time,” she said.

“I love it. It’s funny to see how people who didn’t grow up on it are playing it just as much as anyone else.”

The store has also seen more interest in older Pokémon games from people who once played the video game series, but stopped at some point, and were drawn back by Pokémon Go.

In fact, the store had an entire shelf on display dedicated to the older Pokémon games, but now most of those have been sold.

“It’s really crazy how popular it is now,” Creamer said.

Employees at the GameStop store have helped form get-togethers of Pokémon players on the square in Lebanon, a popular place to catch Pokémon.

Lebanon even has its own Facebook group of like-minded Pokémon players, Pokémon Go Lebanon. Users post to arrange times to get together and catch Pokémon around town.

According to the group’s description, it is a place to share information “and make friends who are playing Pokémon Go.”  

Other similar groups have formed, all based around the same concept: getting Pokémon players together.

“Seeing people all get together, all on their phones and playing the game, it’s really cool,” Creamer said.

According to the website decluttr.com, the most sought-after Pokémon in the state of Tennessee is Zapdos, a rare, electrical bird Pokémon.

The research from the website was done using Google query data. It found that, across the United States, the most searched Pokémon was Pikachu, the electric mouse that has become a mascot for the Pokémon series.

Although there is no documented research on the most-wanted Pokémon in Wilson County, players have caught a variety of Pokémon at the square.

Aside from the square, there are not many other places where a large number of Pokémon players will congregate, although they can technically be found almost anywhere. This is because the square has the largest number of Pokestops, or locations where players can receive free items, Creamer said.

“If you go out there at night, there will be maybe 30 people out there, because of what’s around,” Creamer said. “Any other place is probably hit or miss, so there won’t be as many people.” 

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