Wilson County Democratic Women present Bob Clement book to library

Jake Old • Updated Jan 31, 2017 at 2:30 PM

“Presidents, Kings and Convicts” by former Cumberland University president and Congressman Bob Clement was presented to the Lebanon-Wilson County Public Library by the Wilson County Democratic Women in honor of Dr. Robert Bone on Thursday.


“Not only is (Bone) a successful doctor, successful entrepreneur, but he was also chairman of the board of the board of trust when I was president at Cumberland University, and I might say he had a lot to do with saving the college and moving it from a two-year to a four-year college and getting it fully accredited,” Clement said.

Clement joined members of the Wilson County Democratic Women for a special ceremony at the library. He signed one copy of the book to remain in the library and another copy that will be auctioned during the Democratic Women’s fundraising event March 4.

Bone is a graduate of Lebanon High School and Vanderbilt University, where he got his medical degree in 1962. In 1985, he received the executive MBA from the Owen School of Business at Vanderbilt, and in 1987, he completed a fellowship in oncology at Vanderbilt. He has held three faculty appointments in pediatrics, surgery and cell biology.

After spending eight summers working for the city recreation commission, subsequent summers were spent at Cumberland University and at Harvard as well as studying the history of medicine in Western Europe.

After medical school, he spent a year visiting institutes of nutrition in 65 countries, followed by an internship at Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco and with a pediatric rotation at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto. He returned to practice with Dr. Charles T. Lowe in Lebanon, followed by a residency in pediatrics at Vanderbilt and again returning to Lebanon as the first board certified pediatrician.

Following a decision with Dr. Lowe and citizens of Lebanon and Wilson County, he began planning a new hospital for Lebanon. Meanwhile, he took a general surgical residency at the University of Florida and then returned to Lebanon as a board certified general surgeon to establish six rural medical clinics resulting in the founding of University Medical Center.

Bone was elected chairman of the Board of Trust of Cumberland University in 1982. He served 20 years.

Bone and his wife, Connie, have four children, including an FBI agent, a computer engineer, a newspaper writer and a professional musician. 

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